I first started using Windows operating systems in 1985. I stopped using Windows in December 2011. During that period I wrote a number of technical articles relating to Windows, Windows applications and PC hardware. Those articles were available through my site that was accessible through this URL: In December 2011 I changed over to Apple hardware. I am now the happy owner of an Imac, Macbook, iPad, Ipod Touch. I also stream stuff to my TV and hi-fi through an AppleTV box. All the functionality that I previously had on my Windows XP SP3 PC is available though my Apple machines.

I won't bore you with the details, but after 25 years experience with Microsoft operating systems and applications and 8 years with Apple's, I am convinced that I should have made the switch years ago! While Macs cost more than Windows PCs, overall a cost-benefit analysis clearly puts Apples well ahead of Windows. However, in recent years Apple appears to be losing the plot in a number of respects. The worst of such bad moves is producing Macs that do not have the range of output ports that used to be the case of units produced in the past (e.g. in 2009). As a consequence, many people have found that they need to use an adaptor to enable connectivity for various external devices.

One consequence of my shift to Apple gear is that I have no desire to maintain a web site that focuses on Windows stuff. I planned to transfer some articles from my old site to this new site. The first of those articles was one relating to cleaning Canon printer print heads. I noted from monitoring of hits on that article (via Google Analytics) that it was a popular article. I did that in late 2012 and it is still a well-read article.

However, since then I became old and tired of computer stuff, so I did not add any more articles. However, because I have terrible hearing ("ski-slope" hearing loss) I have been looking at options for equipment that will enable my wife and me to watch TV, with sound levels that suit each of us person separately. I believe that there are many households in which there are couples that fight over the TV's sound volume: "That's too bloody loud for me you old deaf bugger!" So if you have that problem,
this article of mine may be of interest.

Mike Boesen
23 November 2018

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