I first started using Windows operating systems in 1985. I stopped using Windows in December 2011. During that period I wrote a number of technical articles relating to Windows, Windows applications and PC hardware. Those articles were available through my site that was accessible through this URL: In December 2011 I changed over to Apple hardware. I am now the happy owner of an Imac, Macbook, iPad, Ipod Touch. I also stream stuff to my TV and hi-fi through an AppleTV box. All the functionality that I previously had on my Windows XP SP3 PC is now available though my Apple machines.

I won't boor you with the details, but after 25 years experience with Microsoft operating systems and applications and just a year and a half with Apple's, I am convinced that I should have made the switch years ago! I believe that while Macs cost more than Windows PCs, overall a cost-benefit analysis would clearly put Apples well ahead of Windows.

One consequence of my shift is that I have no desire to maintain a web site that focuses on Windows stuff. I will transfer some articles from my old site to this new site. The first of those articles is already transferred - that is the one relating to cleaning Canon printer print heads. I noted from monitoring of hits on that article (via Google Analytics) that it was a popular article.

Mike Boesen
7 October 2012

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